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“It affords incredible control, letting you execute sharp turns, spins and, with practice, aerials (yes, aerials—search YouTube for “Mad River Rocket” and “free sledding”) that would be impossible on a traditional sled. ”
— Wall Street Journal
“A new sport that deserves a new name because rocketing is not about going out of control, it’s about being in control.”
— Hartford Courant


The Vermont winter sled company, Mad River Rocket, under new management is expanding its reach in New England, the Rocky Mountains, Western Canada, and Alaska, as well as Europe, with press, retail stores and online sales. Parker Sellers, a media professional and life-long Rocketeer, has taken over his father’s company, bringing the company back into the spotlight, including expanding the list of retailers carrying the sled, growing the online presence with exponential online sales and press coverage, as well as further developing and optimizing the products, which include a large/adult sized sled called the Killer B, and a small/kid sized sled called the Stinger.


About Us
The Mad River Rocket is a fully controllable winter sled for all kinds of sled runs including aerials and stunts in the backyard or powder adventures in the backcountry. You kneel on its plush kneepads and steer by leaning and dragging your hands in the snow. A seatbelt-style strap ensures that you and your sled stay together while you use your hands for stabilization. Its design makes it easy to execute sharp turns, which is essential for dodging trees and obstacles as well as stopping. For backyard sledding, these are excellent for jumps and luge/bobsled style runs as well.


Our company began in the 1980s, when a hand full of restless adventurers in Warren, Vermont sought a way to set free the snowy hills of New England. The excitement of sliding down the hills, safely zigzagging between trees jumping over snowy cliffs and sliding down to the valley floors drove the search for a new design which satisfied these dreams. 

For a one-time price of $180, you get a lifetime pass to 500,000 acres of terrain, without the noise and pollution of lifts, snowmaking, crowds or parking lots. Your adventure leaves no trace on the environment. After a long climb up a hill or mountain, you can take advantage of whole mountains with the deepest powder conditions, and even carry snowshoes down on your back. Turning between trees is no problem on a Mad River Rocket. The learning curve is very fast, so within days you too can enjoy the full potential of the snowy, winter landscapes.